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Awards and Recognition

2017 - Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech Wins Prestigious CEIB Award presented by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech Wins Prestigious CEIB Award

The Company Receives Quality Award

The Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIB) held its CEIB Quality, Growth, Innovation from Bulgaria Awards ceremony on May 17, 2017, as part of the Third Spring Ball under the auspices of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.  The event was attended by ministers and other government officials, company owners and senior executives. 

The mining company Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech operating the Chelopech underground mine was the winner of the Quality category. The Grand Award was presented by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

After receiving the award, DPM's Vice-President and General Manager for Bulgaria Iliya Garkov was excited to say:

"Thank you very much for the award! It is a great recognition for our team, for all our specialists and managers. I thank to the Awards Committee, to those who have nominated us, to all our friends and peers!"  

Thirty-one companies were nominated and competed in the three award categories, a record high for the CEIB Awards. The Quality Award is awarded to companies that have successfully demonstrated quality in project implementation, a consistent approach in adopting best practice approaches to production, and that are committed to follow business development and quality enhancement policies. Criteria such as competence, training and development, demonstrated continuous improvement and professional relations with clients and partners were applied.

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD also won the Mining Magazine's Technology Award earlier this year. Competing with large technological companies, the project for extraction of the crown pillar in Chelopech Mine was highly appreciated because of its industry non-standard and innovative approach ensuring excellent recovery at maximum safety.

The company was also awarded the Most Innovative Company Award and the Most Innovative Project Award by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  The awards ceremony was held in April.

2016 Outstanding Innovator - International Mining Technology Hall of Fame

Rick Howes, CEO of Dundee Precious Metals has been honored as the Outstanding Innovator of 2016. He is recognized as having made a transformational contribution to the mining industry. Rick’s vision is that mining requires new and innovative thinking applied to the entire operation and mining asset lifecycle. With his leadership, we have implemented several integrated technologies and management systems providing real-time production monitoring and management.


2016 – Mining Magazine Technology Award

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech has been chosen as the winner of the 2016 Mining Magazine Technology award.

The awards are held annually to celebrate outstanding new technologies, innovations and initiatives within the mining sector.

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech participated with its Crown pillar project.

A summary of the nomination:

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech team successfully developed a technology to extract the crown pillar left behind between the historical cave zone and the underlying ore bodies where long hole stoping with fill was employed. The biggest challenge was to stabilize the roof of the planned production stopes in the pillar lying beneath 600 m high cave full of unconsolidated rock. The solution was to create an artificial roof above the stopes by consolidating and reinforcing the caved rock. This ensured safe and efficient extraction of 50% of the crown pillar. While there had been few examples of crown pillar extraction in similar underground conditions, the proposed design was a huge success ensuring excellent dilution and recovery at maximum safety.

2016 – Socrates Award for Best Enterprise Award and Best Manager of the Year Award

The International Socrates Committee held its 16th International Socrates Awards Ceremony hosting high caliber senior businessmen leaders, academics, entrepreneurs and public figures from more than 50 countries.

In the Oxford Town Hall, Mr. Iliya Garkov, Vice President of Dundee Precious Metals and General Manager for Bulgaria, received the 'Best Enterprise' Prize. In addition Mr. Garkov won the ‘Best Manager of the Year’ Award.

The Socrates Award recognizes modern management technologies employed by Dundee Precious Metals, the investments and innovative development, and the results achieved through consistent efforts and relentless pursuit for excellence.

2016 – National Champion and Ruban d’Honour of The European Business Awards 2015/2016

The European Business Awards organization awarded Dundee Precious Metals Bulgaria National Champion in 2015/2016 business competition and gave ‘Ruban d’Honneur’ status. The company became one of ten finalists for the Employer of the Year category award.

The company has been recognized as one of 110 businesses that were announced as the finalists and Ruban d’Honour recipients in the 2015/16 European Business Awards.

This is a real accolade for Dundee Precious Metals business as one of Europe’s 110 most dynamic businesses, actively demonstrating the core principles of the European Business Awards: Success, Innovation and Ethics and an International mind-set.

2015 – The 100 Inspirational Women in Mining

The Women in Mining organisation selected Irena Tsakova, Director of Operations at Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad as one of the 100 Inspirational Women in Mining.

The Bulgarian mining Industry was recognized for its contribution to gender diversity. The nomination of Mrs. Irena Tsakova, Director Operations of Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad, successfully passed three stages of selection made by Women in Mining (UK) and Price Waterhouse Coopers. The 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining 2015 were celebrated in a special forum edition during Mine and Money event.

The purpose of the 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining event is to demonstrate a notable progress achieved in closing the gender gap. The women nominated are role models who made their careers in the mining industry.

2015 – The Biggest Donor Award

The Bulgarian Donors Forum awarded DPM 1st place for the biggest amount of financial donations.

2015 – Gender Equality Award

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy presented an award for equal representation of male and female in management positions.

The recognition came following research done by the Ministry among hundreds of Bulgarian companies. DPM is one of five companies recognized for ensuring equality in management.

2015 – Investor in Community

Dundee Precious Metals awarded 3rd place for its project Investment in Local communities in the annual CSR competition organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.

“Support to local community development 2015” is a long-term aid program. The objective is to provide funding for high-impact infrastructure projects in the municipalities of Chelopech, Chavdar and Zlatitsa. With responsibility to the sustainable development, the Company builds the local administration's capacity by investing in skills, knowledge, and experience. Under the project, the Company creates opportunities for development of local community members and sustainable businesses.

With its long-term investment program, Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech has supported the sustainable development of Chelopech, Chavdar and Zlatitsa municipalities – improved urban environment, enabled vibrant cultural life and created new opportunities for tourism and business.

2014 - Silver certificate for Sustainable Mining

Dundee Precious Metals received a silver certificate for Sustainable Mining by the Bulgarian Mining and Geology Chamber.

The certificate is provided to companies, members of the Bulgarian Mining Chamber that have signed the Standard for Sustainable Development of the Mining Industry in Bulgaria and have successfully taken an audited survey in the areas of Environment, People, Community, Health and Safety, Biodiversity, Waste, Innovations.

2014 – The Biggest Corporate Donor Award

The Bulgarian Donors Forum awarded Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech 1st place in the category “The biggest amount of financial donations” for the reported amount of donations 2 882 618 лв.

The company was also awarded The Most Generous Donor.

2014 Internet of Everything Award - Presented by Cisco

Dundee Precious Metals was recognized as the leader in innovation for our work in creating and using digital communications, wireless Wifi network and appropriate rugged hardware to support real-time communications, monitoring and management.

2014 – Investor in Human Capital

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech was awarded 3rd place for its project Because I Care to Be Healthy in the annual CSR competition organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.

The project aims to encourage a healthier lifestyle among employees through various initiatives and events. Three areas of focus: healthy nutrition, physical activity, psychological and emotional health. Caring for employees' health and safety is a core corporate value. The project commenced in 2014 and is ongoing.

2013 - Ingenious Award: Large Industry Category - Smart and Connected Mining - Presented by Information Technology of Canada

Dundee Precious Metals was recognized for developing and applying technology to transform the Chelopech operation from a typical mine to an innovative leader that is able to monitor all employees, equipment and assets in real-time. This allows mine planners and managers to be much more efficient and agile no matter where they are located.

2013 – The Biggest Corporate Donor Award

The Bulgarian Donors Forum awarded Dundee Precious Metals 1st place in the category “The biggest amount of financial donations”.

The competing projects and companies provide a list of all their donations and causes they have supported the year prior to participation.

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech took part with its 2012 annual donations where a huge part of the total amount 3, 081, 283 was dedicated to projects in the communities of Chelopech, Chavdar and Zlatitsa.

2013 – Investor in Community

Balkan Mineral and Mining awarded 1st place in the annual CSR competition organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum

The “Ada tepe – history and present” project aims to archaeologically explore the golden mine in the 3 500 years old Ada tepe deposit and to preserve the Bulgarian national heritage. The project is of high scientific value to the specialized archaeological and scientific public. The preservation of the local traditions and customs and the development of the cultural tourism are among the top priorities both for the socially responsible company and for the local community.

The project is divided into two stages, from 2001 to 2012. In keeping with our commitment to support the local communities and the region as a whole, the preservation of the ancient heritage will be supported by building a large modern museum in the town of Krumovgrad.

This is the largest interdisciplinary archeological project ever funded by a private investor in Bulgaria. For 3 years more than 300 local residents were hired to work in the field along with an archeological team of over 35 members. Geologists, pethrographers, geophysics specialists, geomorphologists, paleoseismologists, as well as authorities in paleobotanics, zoology, conservation and restoration took part in the project. Foreign authorities partners from the university of Munster and the University of Cottbus in Germany, from the Catholic University in Leuven.

2012 – ENGAGE

The special award of the International Business Leaders Forum was presented to the Executive director Nikolay Hristov by the British ambassador Jonathan Allen.

The jury of the International Business Leaders Forum gave the award for involvement of the company and its employees in socially-responsible projects in 2011.

“I’m pleased that the jury has recognized a mining company with this award. Mining is a socially responsible business and Dundee Precious Metals is a very good example of this.” – said Nikolay Hristov receiving the award.

2012 - Investor in Community

Chelopech Mining was awarded the second place for its Investment in Local community project in the annual CSR competition organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.

The winning project Local Community Support provides an overview of the company donation in the community programme and the long-term vision for sustainable communities. The project is taking place over 7 years and marks the implementation of many infrastructure projects in several adjacent to the mine communities.

2012 – Investor in Knowledge

Chelopech Mining took part in the 10th Annual Responsible Business Awards gala ceremony, organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, and was recognized with three awards:

Second place for its Private English Language school in Chelopech – the school is the company’s most successful and sustainable CSR project. The company invests significant resources to provide the best education in the region and prepare the young people for a successful start.98 % of students continue their education in national and international universities.

Education support is part of Chelopech Mining’s social policy. The Company invests in the knowledge of the young people to obtain good education and have opportunities for professional realization. For 16 years and over 10 graduated classes the PELSS “Chelopech” has won the position of one of the leading language schools in the country with high results from the graduation and entrance exams.

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