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Environmental policy

Our Environment and Sustainable Development Policy guides our strategic approach to environmental responsibility. Through ongoing monitoring, we assess and report on environmental targets and objectives, and work collectively to develop or optimize programs that enable us to continuously improve our results and minimize our environmental impact.


Dundee Precious Metals Inc. (“DPM” or the “Company”) will carry out its business and create sustainable shareholder value following the highest standards of business ethics and social behavior. To this end the Company has implemented a number of policies and procedures which outline how it expects these standards to be achieved. The following statements outline the environmental and sustainability components of the DPM policy. These policies will be supported by more detailed documents and reports but DPM expects that every stakeholder in the business will support and abide by these policies in the way that they go about business.


  • DPM and its subsidiary businesses will operate in such a way as to maximize the environmental management opportunity existing in mineral development projects and operations and minimize the environmental risks and effects.
  • DPM will ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulatory controls.
  • DPM understands that it may be operating in areas and countries where it takes a leadership and stewardship role with respect to modern mining technology, management, and law and where there will be significant benefit from its presence and will apply this policy accordingly.
  • Certain standards and requirements will be specific to each operation and outlined in comprehensive “Life-of-Mine” plans, however DPM will also adopt bottom line best practice approaches to environmental management, engineering, and protection which will be applied evenly across the business independent of the regulatory, social, physical, and/or natural environment.
  • DPM will audit and evaluate its performance, follow the principle of continuous improvement, and openly and honestly engage with stakeholders and outline the detail of this policy and report its results.
  • Outstanding environmental management will be regarded as a core business activity alongside outstanding minerals development and production operations.
  • Environmental policy will be applied at all stages of project development, operation and closure and be incorporated into the process of evaluating new business opportunities.
  • Environmental policy will be adequately supported with funding and appropriate financial instruments, management systems and internal resources.
  • DPM will ensure that all employees and contractors are aware of and accept its environmental policy and understand their obligations in ensuring compliance with the policy.


  • DPM and its subsidiary businesses recognize its own goal of creating a business that is financially sustainable in the long term, is consistent with the goals of the communities and countries in which it is hosted and operate of creating self sustaining economies and societies.
  • DPM recognizes its goals and those of the communities it operates in can be aligned to create mutual and lasting benefits.
  • Sustainability will, at the least, be applied using the following principles;
    • Using energy and other resources efficiently in operations;
    • Ensuring the principles of resource re-use and recycle and waste minimization are applied;
    • Outsourcing and contracting of activities to qualified local businesses, wherever possible;
    • Ensuring that technology, know how and access to financial resources is transferred to contractors and local businesses supporting its operations;
    • Ensuring fair employment practices and opportunities are maximized for local people;
    • Ensuring closed operations do not constitute an environmental or economic liability for others and that post closure land uses have been considered;
    • Ensuring that its operations do not introduce additional or unwarranted risk to communities or the environment;
    • Ensuring that the environment and natural resources in the areas of its operations are left in a manner that is suitable to the community and will support future uses; and
    • Ensuring that environmental remediation and economic improvement is a part of its business plan at project sites where it inherits legacy sites.
  • DPM will ensure improvements to infrastructure, public health and education associated with projects and operations that also benefit a local community are identified early and where implemented are adapted on a site specific basis to provide lasting benefits to the entire community.
  • DPM will ensure that its employment and health and safety practices provide for the long term well being of its employees and their families.
  • All of DPM’s business practices will be conducted with the highest standards of ethics and transparency.

I ask that, whether you are an employee, contractor or other stakeholder in our business, you take ownership of this policy and ensure that you and others continue to foster its successful implementation.

Jonathan Goodman
Executive Chairman
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