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When was Dundee Precious Metals created?

For over 20 years, Dundee Precious Metals was a closed end fund with 75% of its investments in the gold mining industry. In September 2003, after extensive due diligence, we acquired two gold assets in Bulgaria, the Chelopech Mine and Krumovgrad Gold Project. With the approval of its shareholders, Dundee Precious Metals finalized its conversion into a gold mining company in April 2004 with the Bulgarian assets as the initial platform for its operating activities.

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Can I buy shares directly from the Company?

No, to purchase shares you must set up an account with a broker. Dundee Precious Metals trades on the TSX:DPM. If you are a shareholder and have any questions regarding your shares please contact our transfer agent:

Computershare Investor Services
100 University Ave., 11th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2Y1
Tel: 416-981-9633

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Is there a Dividend Reinvestment plan?

Currently there is no dividend reinvestment plan in place. Rather, the Company reinvests into its optimization and growth projects.

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What assets does Dundee Precious Metals own and where are they located?

DPM owns 100% of the Chelopech mine in Bulgaria, the Krumovgrad Development Project in Bulgaria and the Tsumeb smelter in Namibia.

The Chelopech mine produces a copper concentrate that contains gold and silver.

The Krumovgrad Development project will begin construction in 2016 and will be an open pit gold mine.

The Tsumeb smelter is a complex concentrate smelter which treats concentrates high in arsenic content.

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Why do you own a smelter in Namibia?

The Tsumeb smelter was purchased in March 2010 as a strategic asset to process complex concentrate (concentrate which contains, in this case, high levels of arsenic) produced from the Chelopech Mine and other mines around the world. Very few smelters in the world can treat complex concentrates especially in the quantities that the Tsumeb smelter can. Owning this smelter secures the fate of Dundee Precious Metals concentrate, and can ultimately generate a separate revenue stream due to the addition of third party concentrate processing.

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Who do I contact to find out more about job openings with Dundee Precious Metals?

You can find out more about current job opportunities with Dundee Precious Metals and submit your resume for future opportunities by emailing


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What factors drive the price of gold?

There are a number of forces that drive the gold price. These include the value of the U.S. dollar, inflation, interest rates, a commodity super-cycle, geo-political risks, oil prices, worldwide jewelry and industrial demand.

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What is gold used for?

Gold was once the symbol for wealth and power. Today, gold jewelry is a mass-market product, although in many countries it is still treasured as a medium of exchange or money. Jewelry is the primary use of gold, annually consuming all gold that is newly mined. The other major use of gold is for industrial purposes. Gold’s superior electrical conductivity, malleability and resistance to corrosion have made it vital to the manufacture of components used in a wide range of electronic products and equipment including computers, cellular phones and home appliances.

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