Chelopech Local Management-Team

Iliya Garkov , , PhD , , Vice President and Managing Director, Bulgaria

With over 30 years of international mining experience in Bulgaria, Australia and Armenia and several leadership roles within Dundee Precious Metals, Iliya Garkov continues to drive innovation. Rising through the ranks Iliya continues to consistently make significant contributions that bring the operations he manages world-class recognition. As Vice President and Managing Director for Bulgaria, accountable for both Chelopech and Krumovgrad, Iliya’s focus has been to maximize operational efficiency by providing the required management support and developing high performance teams. While inspiring the implementation of human capital best practices Iliya also brings safety culture to the forefront.

Succeeding to make prominent changes to the mining methods and the organisation culture, he brought the Chelopech mine to the forefront of the global mining industry. By continuously encouraging transformation and raising operational efficiency and safety awareness levels, Iliya ensures Chelopech stays ahead of the tech curve. The mine became the first to collaborate and apply in-practice a fully-autonomous aerial robot underground.

Iliya Garkov’s role as Vice President and General Manager of Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad was instrumental in 2013 when Dundee Precious Metals’ second project in Bulgaria was struggling to progress. His understanding of the social and cultural environment in Krumovgrad solidified important stakeholder relationships and helped accelerate the approval process for multiple project permits. This made it possible for the Ada Tepe mine in Krumovgrad to become the first successful green mine developed over the last 40 years in Bulgaria and begin commercial production in 2019.

Lyubomir Haynov , , , Operations Director Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD

Lyubomir Haynov started his career in 1995 at the Chelopech Process Plant as a mechanical fitter. Two years later he became a shift boss and then gradually took over the responsibility for mechanical maintenance and the entire process plant maintenance. In 2011, he assumed the role of Chelopech Process Plant Director, later became Director Maintenance. From 2013 to 2016 Lyubomir was Director maintenance in Chelopech. Since 2016 Lyubomir has been Operations Director of Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD, each new role expanding his perspective, both personal and professional.

In his career Lyubomir Haynov several times had the chance to start a project from scratch and see it grow. In charge of the first large-scale expansion and modernization of the Chelopech process plant he acquired breadth of vision to help him successfully plan and manage even bigger and more complex projects. Transitioning successfully from his roles in Chelopech to Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad Ada Tepe gold project proved to be his latest challenge. In the role of Operations Director, he had to extensively collaborate with the Projects team through the construction phase of DPM’s first greenfield mine and implement the Operational Readiness Plan along with construction execution.

His growing from operating personnel through mid-level supervisor of short-term tasks to a senior director with long-term planning has developed him as an individual and professional.

Irena Tsakova , , , Director Permitting and Legal

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD and Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD

Irena has Master Degrees in Chemical Engineering and in Environmental Monitoring, Control and Health. She has risen through the ranks of Canada-based Dundee Precious Metals’ operations in Bulgaria, from environmental supervision and management, to directing the EHSS team in Chelopech. As Operations Director she has lead the way for Dundee’s green gold mine project in Krumovgrad through a challenging permitting process, comprehensive and demanding ESIA development, and foremost the complex stakeholder relations in the area. She has done this with great aplomb and energy to now be able to be part of Bulgaria’s new gold mine over the last 40 years.

Open and warm in her manners she deals extraordinarily well with conflict, all the while being very responsive to lenders and other institutional stakeholders. She has put together an able team of local staff to help her in her current role as Director Permitting and Legal, encompassing Community Relations, Communications and stakeholder engagement.

Irena is a focused and experienced professional with excellent communication and negotiation skills, coupled with good project management skills, outstanding people management, conflict resolution competences, who has proven to be able to build and maintain strategic alliances. She has been recognised as one of the inspirational women in mining and a great role model for women in the industry and in Bulgaria.

Konstantina Gradeva-Vasileva , , , Director Sustainable Business Development

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD and Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD

Konstantina joined Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech in March 2004 as an environmental engineer. Quickly gaining experience, she gradually expanded her responsibilities to take on the role of Manager Environmental Protection in 2009. With sound knowledge of the legislative regulations, broad understanding of environmental requirements and best practices in the mining industry, under Konstantina’s management the team expanded the monitoring programme of environmental components, developed and implemented a number of environmental projects to achieve better environmental performance and reduce the impact from mining activities.

Since 2012 Konstantina is Director Health, Safety, Environment and Community Relations. Besides the improvements in the environmental sphere, Konstantina managed to introduce improvements in the field of safety, as well as enhance the communication with the company stakeholders. From 2015 in Konstantina’s responsibilities include the biggest company CSR project – the company-owned English language school, as well as the security on the mine site. Currently Konstantina is responsible for environmental, health and safety and security programmes at both Dundee Precious Metals assets – the Chelopech underground mine and Krumovgrad Ada tepe mine.

Konstantina is a graduate of the St. Ivan Rilski Mining and Geology University in Sofia, and is a Master in Engineering Geoecology. She specialized in International Economic Relations at the same university, and furthered her qualifications in the Mining Public Administration at the Paris Mining Academy.

Her professional development began at the Technical University of Sofia as an expert in the Environmental Technology and Management Research Laboratory. Prior to joining Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech she worked for the „Agriculture “State Fund, and the Ministry of Economy.

Gergana Yanakieva , , , Director Human Resources and Administration

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD and Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD

Gergana Yanakieva joined Dundee Precious Metals as HR Manager for Krumovgrad in 2012. Her joining the team coincided with a period of significant business transformations and changes that directly impacted a number of people. Oriented to results, she successfully expanded her scope of duties within the company and consistently brought about novelties in the field of human capital management.

Gergana had a leading role in integrating the shared services approach in the company to make sure both DPM operations in Chelopech and Krumovgrad run smoothly. Responsive to the business needs she handled the processes of preliminary assessment and ensured all functions’ requirements across the organisation are met to allow structural cohesion. Following a comprehensive approach to introducing System Leadership and Working Together Dundee Precious Metals in Bulgaria developed as a place where people are motivated to do their best.

A major cornerstone in Gergana’s career was the mobilization of the operations team for Dundee greenfield mine Ada tepe in Krumovgrad. In a structured way and aligned with all the departments she managed to successfully plan the needs, assess, hire and train the staff 90% of which was never involved in the heavy industry.

Gergana has a degree in Business Administration and Organizational Development from the University of Sofia. She has vast HR management experience from consultancy and industrial companies.

Tsvetanka Karaivanova , , , Commercial Director

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD and Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD

Tsvetanka Karaivanova is the Commercial director of the Bulgarian companies of Dundee Precious Metals in both Chelopech and Krumovgrad. She started her career at the mining company and through the years has held various positions within the finance and accounting department. In 2011 she headed the team of the Finance department and in 2013 became the Commercial director of the company.

Tsetska graduated from the Sofia university St. Kliment Ohridski with a master’s degree in Economics. She also holds a diploma in Financial Management from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

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