Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

We have an extensive Employee Wellness Programme, with a focus on HIV/AIDS, mental health, cancer, and a healthy lifestyle. The programme includes a peer educator network, testing, counselling, training awareness and is available to all employees and contractors. Initiatives include:

  • A lifestyle-focused Wellness Week, with over 500 participants in 2019
  • Cancer awareness days and screening for prostate, breast and cervical cancers
  • World HIV/AIDS Day commemoration, including voluntary testing and counselling

Other programs provide training and awareness on drugs and alcohol, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases, nutrition, social factors, health services and medical aids. An onsite clinic is available for all employees and contractors.

We are also active in the community and participate in events arranged by organizations such as the Namibian Blood Transfusion Services. In 2019, Dundee Precious Metals employees and contractors donated more than 126 pints of blood.

Looking After Our Employees and Contractors

By identifying and monitoring elements in the work environment, we are able to control exposure and significantly reduce the associated health risk. We have an extensive occupational hygiene and biological monitoring programme, a risk-based medical surveillance programme and formal training and awareness. Risk assessments are carried out on various fronts, with new hazards identified and controlled, and effectiveness of existing controls verified.

Some recent initiatives have included installation of near real-time dust monitoring equipment, which enable us to identify and address workplace emissions.

We actively reduce exposure to dust and fumes through a coordinated action plan. Housekeeping initiatives, process control improvements, off-gas system improvements, facility upgrades, extraction system improvements and training are some of the initiatives implemented as part of this plan.

Arsenic Vitrification Demo Plant

Our Tsumeb smelter is able to process complex concentrates. Our license to operate depends on our ability to effectively manage all generated wastes.

We are investigating several options to deal with the arsenic containing wastes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. One option being considered is vitrification, which is a process to transform a substance into a glass (non-crystalline amorphous solid). Vitrification is usually achieved by heating materials until they liquidize, then cooling to form a vitrified solid. The arsenic in a stable glass form could then be safely disposed.

Occupational health and safety

With over of 700 employees, our Tsumeb team is committed to ensuring the health and safety of each and every employee and contractor on site. A dedicated health and safety team develops, monitors and improves the working conditions and practices, leading to improved health and safety performance within each department and team.

The company recorded a Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) of 0.73 in 2019, against a target of 0.81. Ten LTI’s, one Medical Treatment Injuries (MTI’s) and 1 Restricted Work Day Injury (RWDI) were recorded in 2019. The safety statistics reflected a major improvement in comparison to 2018, which was largely driven by an extensive focus on behavioural changes, safety campaigns and embedding the company golden rules and risk awareness into daily activities.

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